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Handicap Adjustments

The Standard Scratch (S.S.) is computed on the night by taking the average of all players out and adding 2 shots to this.

If a player does not play on the night

No Change to their H/C.

If a player fails to break S.S.

They receive one increment of their handicap back, irrespective of how many under standrard scratch they are.  See table below for increments.

If a player equals S.S.

No Change to their H/C.

If a player breaks S.S.

They lose an increment for EACH shot better than S.S. and the increments are as the table below.  so if S.S. on a night is 16 and a player off 6.5 shoots 20 then as then are 4 shots better than S.S. they loose 4 *.4 which is 1.6.   This means their new Handicap is 6.5 - 1.6 = 4.9.

 Handicap Range   Increments 
0 to 2.0 .2
2.1 to 4.0 .2
4.1 to 6.0 .3
6.1 to 8.0 .4
8.1 to 10.0 .5
10.1 to 12.0 .6
12.1 to 14.0 .6

A maximum Handicap limitation of 14 applies as per GUI rules.